Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Point

 I know that some of these pictures might be boring to some but I just could not narrow them down.
 They all needed to be shown!

The western tip of Oahu has to be one of my favorite places to go. We have been coming out here a lot lately because we have a 4wheel jeep that wants to go off roading.
Kaeana Point is a protected area for wildlife. It has a fence around the whole point to keep dogs from killing all of the animals that come here.

Sea Birds
We will definitely be coming back when its hatching season.

There were quite a few Monk Seals hanging out. When winter time comes the waves get rough so they come on shore to rest.
They are on the endangered list
You always want to make sure you stay quite and not get to close because they will start going to other places/islands if they are always being disturbed.
 Hes molting on his belly
 Its common to see writing with rocks.

Its such a beautiful place that I feel so lucky to see.
  Iv been here quite a few times. 
not in order


  1. I'm actually trying to get my hubby out of bed right now so we can go up there today! I've been dying to go. Can you drive all the way out if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle? I've heard you can only get there by hike..