Thursday, February 6, 2014

35 Weeks

I had another doctors appointment that went well. I'm on the every 2 week schedule now so lots of checking on her. The doctor also said I was measuring about a week early. I wish I would have asked questions. Did she mean I was bigger or the baby was bigger.? My dumb butt working right up to a week before she is due and if she is bigger and decides to come early...well, that's that.

I have also been experiencing charley horses in my calf at night while I am sleeping. I had never had one before in till about 2 months ago, and now I have had a total of 3. They are a killer!
I Googled a little bit about why you would get them when your are pregnant, and they mentioned standing on your feet for a extended period of time. Yesterday I feel like I might have overdone it a little at work. I'm trying to fit people in because I am leaving when I should be taking more breaks. Working over 10 hours on your feet with only a couple minutes to sit down every few hours is probably not the best thing at the moment.

 I think I'm starting to be "over it". I have been enjoying pregnancy, but I am ready for it to be done. I dont wish she comes early though. She needs to marinate as long as she can, but I do wish I could be somewhat comfortable, or be able to walk up the stairs not out of breath, or even just sit down and not have feet in my ribs.
5ish more weeks! 


  1. I'm in my 30th week now...and I'm working 9 hours a day still and I'm planning on working up to 2 weeks before my due date. Thankfully I'm not on my feet a whole ton, but sitting for that long is taking its toll for sure.
    You can do it! I cant wait to see pictures of your little miss!

  2. You are so adorable!!! Can't believe you are so close!

  3. Once she drops your ribs will feel so FREE!!!! lol but then you'll have to pee every two seconds. Hang in there, mama, you can do it!! Can't wait for you to welcome her into the world! :)

  4. You look adorable...although you may not feel like! You're in the homestretch!