Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waterfall Hunting

It has been raining on Oahu like CRAZY!
and that means it is the best time to go waterfall hunting. 
Being 8 months pregnant, I am having to cut back on my adventures...even though that is extremely hard for me. 

I knew that the 2 waterfalls I was on a hunt for were exceedingly easy to get to. I'm talking like a 5 minute walk...not even.
They are located in a Japanese Cemetery.

I heard this is one of the filming locations for show LOST and the movie The Rundown.

Alapena Falls  
This is the point where I remember reading that it was a must that you bring bug spray on this little walk.   OMG!
Can we say Malaria, West Nile, Dengue Fever!!!! 

As you keep walking (or running in my case from the mosquito's) Kepena Falls comes into view.
There wasn't a really good place to take a picture of the falls in less you actually wanted to get into the water (that I could see). There is a rope swing waiting to be used, but I'm not really sure this water looks too appetizing.

Just because we were so close, we toured the cemetery a little.
Sanju Pagoda
 Everything was being there was no getting up close.
 There were gifts on pretty much everyone's grave.  
 I like how this guy rolls.

Beautiful place that I pass by all the time but never had time to stop. 
Today was a good day.


  1. So pretty!

    I LOVE the show Lost so I would be very excited.

  2. Beautiful! The waterfalls are amazing!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! What a place to see. I hope the Air Force allows us to travel somewhere so beautiful