Sunday, February 16, 2014

As of Lately...totally random!

Trying to find the Poamoho Trail, we stumbled on this Hawaiian Temple.
Pu'u o mahuka Heiau
This is the largest sacred heiau on Oahu
Its known as "hill of escape".


Queen Emma's Summer Home
They don't let you take pictures inside... :(

Largest Wave Mural in the World
5 stories tall and 400 feet wide
It took the artist only 8 days to complete it.
Painting was recreated to mimic the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore.

A rainy day took us to Dave n Busters
where we spent way to much $
 2,984 tickets and all we could afford was a 
XL Wine Glass (that I will be using very soon)
a stuffed animal for Bolo
and fun dip......I feel ripped off!


  1. Haha those darn arcades are so addicting!

  2. That wine glass is totally worth it!!!

  3. We just save up our coupons and put them on our D&B card... maybe one day we can get something good (although I do kinda want that wineglass! ;)

  4. The Dave and Busters toys are such a rip off! The wine glass is cool though.