Thursday, February 13, 2014

37 Weeks

Mike's Valentines Day Heart 

I am having weekly doctors appointments from here on out.
 I had my last ultrasound to make sure baby girl was head down...and she is.
I asked if they could tell how big she actually was, but the intern that was doing my exam told me they don't really measure in less they have a concern. It would have been nice to know, but a surprise is fun too.

I have 2 more weeks of work (6 days really). Once again, I feel like I maybe should have stopped working at the end of last month. I usually work 7ish hours, but have been squeezing my regulars in causing me to be there for 9 or longer. 
 I am noticing all the extra weight that I have gained. Bent over shampooing / waxing is the worst it has ever been. A slight part of me wants to just say I'm done....but I feel bad knowing that the people that are on my books specifically booked that way so they could get their hair done just one last time.

 Other then that I'm still feeling good thorough the day, just not at night.


  1. Hang in there girl, not much longer!! Your looking great!!!

  2. You are almost there!!! Make sure you try and REST a little. Dont want little miss to come before her time! I cant imagine if i was sitll doing hair full feet swell and hurt after sitting for 9 hours--standing makes me shudder!

  3. Ok you are just too cute for 37 weeks! Such a bummer you aren't feeling up to working and feel like you can't just call it quits for awhile. I would hope your clients would understand. The last month is always so physically draining. Hope you are able to rest when you aren't working.