Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poamoho Trail

Usually when I hike, I pick a trail that day that looks like a good one, do a little research on where the trail head is and we are off. 
This trail took some preparation though.

You actually have to get a permit for this hike 10 days in advance before you go.
Its a hike that is on  military land that you are only allowed to hike on the weekends, but it is a state trail...that doesn't really make sense, but whatever. 

On the permit you have to put down the date that are going to go, the license plate # of a 4X4 vehicle (because there is a 6 mile off road drive to even get to the trail head) and how many people are going to be hiking (Mikes 2 buddies were going to come with us). 

Now, when the permit is sent back to after its approved, they give you combinations to the 3 gates that you have to open in order to pass andddd a ABSOLUTE TERRIBLE MAP on how to get to the trail head!

There is not much on the internet about this hike so I was guessing a little on how to get there. Lets just say we took a tour of the island in the wrong direction. Woops.
I gave the map to Mikes friends after a scenic tour and were on our way in the opposite direction again....going the wrong way.  
The map the Department of Land gives you is the crappiest I have ever seen!
We left our house at 8:30am and finally found the trail head at noon. 
(Just in case anyone is reading this that would like to hike this trail, the road before or after (matters which direction your coming from) the Dole Plantation at the light. Turn and go all the way down, right before the guard shack its going to be on your right.)

Also I would like to say...Not knowing what the weather is going to be like 10 days before you schedule this hike, it is probably not a good idea to go in the winter months. 
It rained on us the whole time.

 This awesome guy was waiting for us at gate #2

 Sadly, after the trail becomes unmaintained, we decided to turn around. The views just weren't there because of the rain, and we were all just tired from the car ride.
 I would love to do this hike another day.  From the few blogs I have seen written about the hike, the views are unbelievable once you get to the top!