Saturday, February 22, 2014

38 Weeks

This week has been a little dispiriting. 
I am part of the 45% of women that is Group B Strep positive so I have been trying to educated myself as much as possible. I know there are things A LOT worse that I could be having to deal with, but it just puts a damper on the little plan that I actually did have when labor started. 

I'm overly excited that this is my last week of work! 13 years of having a job (except for 3 months when we moved here) it is soon going to be over. I feel like I have been a little burnt out from it lately...not just because of the pregnancy either. Working with the public can wear a person out! 

 Other then those two things, life has pretty much been uneventful. 
We are just waiting for the signs that she is on her way...and I have a feeling its going to be sooner then later. 


  1. I had group B strep with my second pregnancy, but not my first. I freaked out, but every doctor I talked to, and all the nurses in the delivery room treated it like it was no big deal. Which made me feel a lot better and at ease. I also realized most of my friends who had babies were tested positive for it as well!

  2. I love that picture of you! You are getting so close.

  3. Love this picture!!! Can't believe how close it is!!

  4. Girl!! You are almost there!!! I'm so excited to see your little miss!

  5. I mean, and I am not just saying this... you look STUNNING pregnant! So excited it is sooo close for you!