Monday, September 22, 2014


Iv been working on my house a little.
 Nothing to crazy but enough to keep my busy.
I have hundreds of things Pinned and finally some are being executed.

First off:

Love Shelf
 I saw this and thought it was super cute. They actually give you the measurements also so there is no guessing.

I started painting a little.
My plan is to make one of these each time we move to a new state.

Like I said, Iv been doing a little painting. It gives me a little something to do when my house is clean and laundry is done but baby is sleeping.

 This piece is really special.
 The hutch was Mikes mothers.
I wanted to keep it and actually use it but it needed some TLC.
This was taken after I de-stained (is that the right term? haha) and sanded it.
Refinishing it has been quite a job but it was worth it.

I didn't take individual pictures of the of the 'walk in hula out' sign but I painted that as well. Mike says the hula girl is wearing a lot of makeup!?!
Also the LOVE blocks with Bolo's paw print as the O.
The 'not all those that wander are lost' sign I made with the letters out of a world map.
 I guess there will have to be a part 2 to this project post because there has been a lot more happening in my house.


  1. You find the coolest projects and I love that you can paint. I'm a little jealous :)

  2. Your such a artist, I wish I could paint and it actually come out how I had pictured in my head. lol.