Thursday, September 4, 2014


Emma has started eating food. 
She had been excited to get that spoon into mouth for a while now.
I have been making all of her all of her delicacy's lately.
I'm not opposed to pre-made baby food, but this is just one of the reasons why I am no longer working. So I have time to do things like this. 
 Does anyone notice the difference in color of the homemade verses the packaged? 
Which one would you rather eat?

Emma's real first food was mashed banana.
They tell you not to start with fruits in till the child is used to vegetables. 
I just couldn't resist and that was all I had that was ready to eat. oops.

 and....she loved it!
Its now time to really chunk her up.
and have a much smellier diaper!


  1. She looks a happy camper for sure!! :)

  2. I loveyou you compared the store bought baby food vs. homemade. It really puts things into perspective and I'm hoping to make my own baby food as well if the baby ever decides to get here.

  3. Oh I bet she's totally digging the foods!!! So fun to watch them start eating!!