Monday, September 1, 2014

Emmas hike to Maunawili Falls

Iv done this hike a couple of times, but it needed to be done just once more for Emma. 
 This hike has gotten EXTREMELY popular! Both times that I have hiked this trail before I have NEVER seen it this busy. It almost makes me not like this trail anymore. :(  Its like walking in a line to the waterfall with a bunch of strangers. This trail head is also in a residential neighborhood. There are cars everywhere parked along the street. And when there are that many people it can get noisy and some of those careless people like to leave their trash behind.
I personally think that this hike will be close very soon.
adventure baby
I'm surprised that I got some photos with other people not in them.
 I big group just left as I was taking this picture. I finally have a picture of the falls with no one else in it.
 3rd times a charm.


  1. She is such a lucky little girl! :)

  2. What a gorgeous hike! Too bad that some don't know how to follow what should be common sense rules.

  3. We did this one a couple times when we lived there and it was def. always so busy!!!

  4. It's such a bummer about certain hikes getting quite a bit of attention. I love the hikes on Oahu and I've been doing ones that aren't in the limelight, which is getting tougher nowadays. I've yet to do Maunawili, but I have no desire too because it's such a hotspot now. If you're looking for hiking suggestions, let me know :)

  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous of you!!!