Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beach Finds

I take Bolo and Emma to the beach every morning during the week. Its the way we love start our day. 
You never know what your going to find on a beach walk.

This is the most special find EVER!
This is a Sunrise Shell
They where once known to be the property of Hawaiian royalty.
I personalty have never seen one...or even shards of one.
The mint condition shells go for $$$$.
 This will be a keeper for the rest of my life.
While we are on the topic of shells...I think it is tricky to find a unbroken shell in Hawaii. The shells get torn up by the swells (hitting the reef) so by the time they get to shore they are damaged. I have never been the one to collect shells...in till I started having good luck with finding them.
 It almost gets addicting.
These are all of the unbroken shells that I have found so far...being only like a month collecting.
Im actually getting a little spoiled and think twice picking up anything that is cracked.
Bolo actually found this guy.
Calamari Anyone?
  Man of War.
Iv never been stung by one but I guess they can be no joke!
Look how long the stinger is! 
The only way to get a good picture of these guys are when they are dead.
So fast!
People eat these right out of the shell.
Ill pass.
 Look up and take it all in


  1. I love your shell finds, where did you go to find most of them?

  2. Wow I love your finds! They are amazing.

  3. You've got quite the collection going on, such pretty finds!!!