Thursday, September 25, 2014

Playing Catch Up

We have been really busy lately so I'm going to cram everything into one post just to play catch up.

Emma and I did a quick little hike for one reason.
To leave our mark!

I took Emma to to the park to feed the ducks. 
She had a blast!

We went to the other side of the island just to make lunch.

A little walk in a garden with a nice waterfall

 Emma and I went in town to watch a sunset...that was covered by clouds.

  We went to a park

 Went in search for a waterfall that we will have to save for another day...(because of the safety of Emma)
 This little one was still pretty
 View from the top of the falls

Sat in our very first shopping cart
(I usually carry her)
 Sat in the stroller without the car seat
 Looking cool
 More Beach

I still have a couple things I didn't add because they need need their own page but I'm glad I am semi caught up now.


  1. She looks so darn cute in the shopping cart!

  2. You and Sweet Emma have had quite the adventures here lately!!

  3. The shopping cart cover is adorable! And I love Bolo!

  4. I did the Lighthouse Trail recently and was amazed at the views! I wish it wasn't so far from our house, otherwise I would do it every week.

    Love & Aloha (formerly Honor, Courage, Commitment)