Friday, September 5, 2014

Sacred Pile of Rocks....and a little sunset

 Iv been to a couple heiau's around this island and I'm adding one more to the list.
This one is so close to my house and I never knew it was there till this past weekend.
Heiau's were a place for sacrifice, celebrate good harvest or birth.
This one was thought to be a agriculture Heiau and later in time changed to be dedicated to the success in war.
 All of these rocks have been carried here.

 This property also has a huge garden with numerous fruits and vegetables growing.
 This was a pretty cool area.
Mike was on duty on Labor Day so Emma and myself took a little trip to a beach that we have never been to. I wanted to catch the sunset but come to find out it wasn't really a good spot for that.
It was a good spot to see Diamond Head, Honolulu and Waikiki though.
 There had to be at least on picture of her in this post.   :)
 Like I said, this time of year it probably wasn't the best spot to see the sunset. 
Still pretty colors though.