Monday, September 29, 2014

Im a couple days late...7 Months Update

Its amazing month by month how much they change. 
She has been so much fun lately. Smiling and laughing hysterically.
I just cant put my video camera down.

She loves eating food. She has surprised me though with her choices. Its seems that she would rather eat green beans, peas, squash then peaches, apples and bananas.

This past month she has really picked up with her talking. She has something to say about everything. 

She is extremely ticklish. The feet, belly, underarms, neck. 
So cute!

Every time Emma coughs..she laughs and smiles afterwards. 
The weirdest thing!?

Emma loooves to have her ears cleaned. She will be wiggling all over the place and once the q-tip comes she lays completely still.

She is still wearing her 3 month onsies, but this month will be the change over to 6 months. 
I think its time.

We have switched over from sleeping in our room to her room.
Its not going so well. :(
I am up all hours of the night.

We have our first class at My Gym tomorrow.
(this was taken at the open house)

This is happening now. 
I cant believe it!!!


  1. Oh she's a doll! When you said she was in 3 month I was thinking 0-3. ha! woops now I"m on the same page :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe she is showing signs of walking, she is such a precious girl!