Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beautiful Day

  I cant believe it is December 15!  The thermometer said 75degrees today. Short sleeved shirts and ca-pries for me. Bolo and I went to the beach. My plan was to walk to the pier, but someone had to be a jerk. It so cute when he chases the shells each time the tide comes, in-till he does it over and over and the pulling is just to much. Its hard to walk when all he wants is to do is hunt and pounce. So I let him do it for awhile and then decided sense my sneakers were soaking wet, we would go back home.

     After we got home I needed to run some errands. Got gas, cvs, and car wash. It was the first time I actually washed my car manually. I usually just go through the automatic one that never really gets it all the way clean. I was so motivated that I vacuumed it also. To bad there is still tons of dog hair that is stuck in the carpet that I feel will never come up.When I got home I washed all the windows and rims. Wiped down the inside and made it smell pretty. I had Bolo and Sheba out there to keep me company.  The next thing I know,  the dog down the street is in our yard. That scared the crap out of me. I grabbed Bolo and Sheba and ran up the stares. I don't want to take any chances.
   So I just straitened the house up and prepared chicken strips with marinade. We are having fried chicken tonight but with rits crackers crumble instead of bread crumbs. Very fating! I know. I'm going to hit the sheets pretty early tonight because I have to take one of the ladies to the airport. Her flight is at 7:30am. She lives 45min away from me and the airport is 2 hours away from her. Raleigh has cheaper flights I guess so that's where we have to go. Her husband was going to just drop her off the night before because he had to work in the morning. I wasn't going to let her sleep in the airport. I know I wouldn't want tho do that. So my alarm is set for 3:15am.


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