Friday, December 9, 2011

Tried of baking!

  Tonight we are going to a friends house to celebrate another friends promotion. He had been prior enlisted for 13 years already so he is able to get a promotion as a 1st Lieutenant sooner then everyone else. All the wives are going to bring a dish. I had in mind that I was going to bring a few things that you could just eat with your hands. Two of the lady's are making chili so that's pretty much the main course. And yes, I got all of these ideas off Pintrest's website. Pizza Roll-Ups, Pigs in a Blanket, Raspberry Cheesecake Bits, and a Cake Batter Truffle.  The cheesecake bites turned out OK, of course not as pretty as the picture that I saw that made me want to make them, but they were still good. On the other hand, the Truffles are weird. It tastes like raw cookie dough, witch is probably what they are suppose to taste like but its just to much. So now I don't think I'm bringing them. I went to the store again today for more ingredient for a cookie that Mike really wanted me to make. It was like a Girl Scout Samoas. And never fails they didn't have any caramel chew candy's so I bought butterscotch instead. It just all went down hill from there. I ended up throwing it all away because it just wasn't right AT ALL! I had a little left over coconut, so I wiped up a batch of macaroons. Now I'm not feeling 100% about them either. So when Mike gets home we will see what he says and if its a eww no, then too bad I'm done in the kitchen! I have all the other dishes just ready to pop into the oven so I'm good to go. Lets just hope I dont burn them.
   The couples house that we are going to tonight is right behind the bar that we go to pretty much every weekend.  So I already told Mike we are not going to get out of hand tonight and drink to much. I want to actually do something tomorrow instead of laying in bed all day.


  1. We are moving to Hawaii too, but not until this summer! Being married to the military does get easier after time, I promise!