Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Recap

 Tiramisu- I put to much coco powder on top. It was suppose to be just a dusting. I got a little carried away. Mike ate a piece and he coughed because he inhaled it.  I also know that strawberry do not usually go with tiramisu but I thought it might look a little dull. I bought a bigger pan that I was going to use but I didn't buy enough lady fingers for that pan so I had to end up using a bread/meatloaf pan. Oh well. I know for next time.

    Mike was craving Italian so we went to a really cute Italian Restaurant called Max's. They sat us by the window which was really nice because you can see out by the bay. Even-tho this town is pretty much deserted in the winter they still do a really nice job decorating for Christmas. The lights light up the water and it is so pretty! After that we headed to a local hole in the wall bar. They know our names which isn't a good sign. A few of the guys showed up that are in his class. Wives too, so it  was nice to have some female bonding. The had a good band also. All around good night! Now we wasted this beautiful day away today because of headaches. 

I just looked over at Bolo and he is looking at me laying like this. He is such a weirdo!

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