Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There's No Place like Home

   The trip home was a long one. Supposedly 12 hour car ride of course turned into 14 but it could have been worse if the weather would have been bad. Leaving Topsail the dashboard thermometer read 72 degrees, now that we are in Ohio its a 40 degree difference. Bolo had his happy pills that made the car ride much more tolerable for my ears. It was actually kind of relaxing for the fist time with both Bolo and Mike not trying be louder then one another. We left around noon. I had everything ready to go, so when Mike got home from work we could just hit the road and it sure feels good to be back.
   We spent Christmas Eve with Mikes family. The tree was beautiful and the food was amazing. I never really had a "big family kinda holiday" so its nice that everyone gets together under one roof to celebrate. Christmas day was very nice too. Dad had to work so we waited for him to get off for the feast to begin. My mother worked very hard to make that delicious meal and you could definitely tell.
   One of the must while we are home is to stock up on Christmas Ale. We went to the store thinking that we were only able to purchase 1 six pack per person because that's how it was last year but it wasn't the case.  We ended up with 3 cases but already drank one so back to the store it is for more. Mike looks forward to it all year long so he needs to get his fix.
  Today my mother and I ventured out to accomplish the list of things we needed to do before she goes back to work tomorrow.  We left Mike at home which ended up being the best thing for him. I think he probably would have been miserable the whole time with all the different places we went. Mike and I are headed to the Browns vs. Steelers game on Sunday and because all of our clothes are in Hawaii now, we have no gear to wear to the game. You would think because the Browns aren't really doing fantastic there would be a lot of things to choose from at the stores. That was a wrong assumption. We went all over town trying to find cheap sweatshirts, hats and gloves.  Picking up the gloves at one store and the hats at another we finally had our outfits and being warn out, my mother and I decided to go grocery shopping and then head home.  We didn't even accomplish half of what was on the list to do but we were beat.
     Later that nigh Mike and I decided to go out and have a few drinks. It was nice to be out on a Monday night and actually be relaxed about not having to wake up early. It was .35 cent wing night at the bar so Mike decided to order a few, and because I don't eat wings, I thought the jalapeno poppers were a good choice. They are supposedly home made which I thought was a good sign. Taking my fist bit I was caught by surprise how hot they were. The tears started and the numbness kicked in. Usually I like spicy things and I have had them before and they weren't that bad. Boy, that was a bad choice on the menu.
     Tomorrow we have a few errons to run, but mostly we will probably just hang around the house with the pups.  Its so nice to be home!

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