Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Crazyness

  I hope everyone had such a good holiday. We sure did. Yesterday we visited with Mikes aunt and uncle. Pasta and chicken cutlets were on the menu. YUM! Today we ventured to downtown Cleveland. Mike has never eaten at the Great Lakes Brewing Company to that is were we set the Garmen to go. Not really knowing the area the parking was kinda hard. We ended up parking a little ways away. 22 degrees out was not fun to walk in when you don't really know where your going. We arrived to find out there was a 2 hour wait. I guess with it being holiday season everyone is still in from out of town. We decided to make our way to the bar and try to wait it out. We ended up grabbing a chair at the bar and half way through our 1st drink the manager came over and asked if we wanted to be seated. With wide eyes we said yes. Mike was drinking his usually Christmas Ale, and I tried the Wright Pils. I'm not one to branch out from my Bud Light but I could manage. Being 5.3% alcohol after 2 the taste started to grow on me so I just drank more. We ordered pub bits for an appetizer that were to die for. Like fish n chips but better. Mike had the pulled pork while I ordered a burger. With the restaurant being as busy at it was of coarse the food took longer then the norm, but it was worth i the wait. 
  After too many drinks and a full stomach, we decided to make a quick stop at Tower City. It was kind of disappointing. Its not how it was when I was a little kid. No good stores at all, and after 15 min we left.
  Mike is passed out now and I am sitting here surrounded  by tails and floppy ears.

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