Thursday, December 1, 2011

December is here!!!

   Even-tho its just the beginning of December I'm getting excited to have a visit back home. 22 more days and we will be on our way home to the snow probably. ugg... I cant wait to see my family and have my mothers cooking. I miss Toby sooo much too! ( doggie) Mike hasn't seen his family sense January so its going to be a good reunion. 
   I spent the day on base trying to find the office that will help us move to Hawaii. The building that they usually were in was being remodeled so they set up a trailer that was so hard to find. I must have driven around the block 50 times before I saw it. It wasn't even on the road that the internet said it was on. When I arrived the people there were surprisingly nice. I was shocked. It ended up being the wrong office I needed to be at for the questions I had. I guess Ill make another trip out there next week to get it straitened out.
   Bolo and I took a quick run on the beach today. Its nice because all of the fishermen are gone so you can actually walk down by the water without dodging polls. It was amazing how many pelicans were out today. They were having a feeding frenzy too. Seeing them dive into the water from 10 feet up was a pretty cool sight to see. I could have watched them for hours. I never seem to have my camera at the right times. I would never think to run with it but that's when I need it the most. I was gonna buy Bolo a nap-sac so he can hold it for me. :)
    I tried a new recipe from my new favorite site. Pinterest. They have so many great ideas. This is a chicken lasagna roll-up. There's a few things different that I would do next time but it was still good. It didn't look like the picture I saw but I tried. This is my version.
    Mikes birthday is tomorrow. Hes going to be pretty old! 27.... I cant believe it tho... I feel like we just graduated high school. I made him cupcakes so he can bring them in for the guys. Hopefully they make it in to his class in one piece.

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