Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Willmington Fun

   Last night we headed to Willmington to have dinner with another couple. We decided to try this pub because it was right by the only parking spot open that we could find. Mikes friend said that he read about it also and it got good reviews. It ended up definitely being my kinda place! It had such a big bar, nice people and strong drinks. We all really liked the food that we ordered too. After dinner we sat and talked while waiting for a group of the guys to meet us there. Talking about random stuff we got on the subject of Tv shows that are weirdly popular. Hoarders, Extreme Couponing, Storage Wars and American Pickers. Continuing on with laughing, talking and drinking and out of know where in walks Frank from American Pickers. It was just the strangest thing. He sat down at the bar and had his beer talking to everyone that wanted a hand shake. I contemplated walking over to take a picture with him but I just hadn't had enough alcohol yet. Soon after,  he left and we continued with our night.
    This morning we just hung around the house. Mike has a extremely important test on Wednesday that is super hard so hes been making his note cards and burring his head in the books. The guys just came for a hair cuts but this time they were silent. Studying is all they cared about, and now Mike is sitting next to me swearing at the computer because we now have a virus that has taken it over. As I write this post on my phone I wonder how we ever survived without the internet on cell phones. Technology has sure come a long way.  6 more days till we are on our way home. I CANT WAIT!

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