Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Break is Over

    What a great 96 we had. It felt like it was a whole week long. Just being able to spend time with my husband and not be rushed to make dinner, get lunch ready for him to take with him to work, then clean up and take the dogs for their last walk of the night, because he goes to bed so early that can be a little hectic sometimes.
   Monday we tried to get Jeff Dunham tickets but gave up hope when we saw how long the line was. We arrived at the place where they were selling them 3 hours early too. By the look of tents spread out on the lawn, I'm guessing some people camped there the night before. The line was too far that we didn't even think it was worth it because the theater isn't even that big to hold everyone. So we decided to head to Wilmington instead for dinner. We met another couple at the mall and then decided where we wanted to go to eat. We ended up deciding to go to Front Street Brewery. Great decision. Everyone was really happy with what they ordered and the price was even better. With the night still being early, a movie sounded good. We all thought Contraband looked interesting, but it didn't start for another 2 hours,  so the guys had a few drinks and played pool while the lady's went shopping. Good movie! Because Mark Wahlberg was in it, made it Great!
   Today I saw Grace.(The puppy I am walking while her moms at work.) She is such a sweet dog with a ton of energy. Soon I'm going to see if Bolo gets along with her. It would just be so much easier to bring her to my house then spend time over there.  Haircuts and dinner consumed the end of our night. Back to work for Mike tomorrow. I'm glad this has been such a long relaxing break. He is soon going to be busy with a bunch of briefs that are coming up, he wont have much time to do anything else.

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  1. Dont you just love long weekends, we just came off a long 4 day and it was wonderful. Glad you enjoyed your time off with your hubbs relaxing!!!