Friday, January 27, 2012


   Thank goodness its Friday!  Its been such a crazy week! Mike had a brief that was really important and it was stressing him out. Even-tho it had nothing to do with me, I was feeling the pressure too. I'm just glad its over, but next week it will start again. He has one due every week from now on till he graduates.

Its been so beautiful out lately that I decided to take advantage and have a little photo session with Bolo. He didn't really what to cooperate. ( he kept turning his head)

    Sheba went to the vet yesterday. She is still weak and delusional, but she is still holing it together. She ran out of the pills that's she has been on so we needed to make an appointment in-order to get a refill.  Walking into this clinic will probably be the one and only time. It was such a weird experience. First of all it was in a plaza with a bunch of other businesses but didn't have a sign so I had know clue where it was located. I must have driven by 4-5 times before I saw a little pan-flit in the window with a picture of a dog advertising an electric fence. So I walk in and in the first second I knew the receptionist had know clue what was going on. I had filled out the "Welcome" sheet before I had even gotten there so I was prepared. (new client sheet) Written on there was the name of her breed, how old she was,  and her medical history.  I know that a Sheba Inu is not a common breed what so ever but I would at least think that she would look at the sheet that I had filled out and not ask me if she was a Husky.  Also she is 14 YEARS old, not months! Why would my dog have Alzheimer's if she was 14 months old? Once again, if she would just read the sheet that I handed her a minute ago these questions would all be answered. The doctor was nice, but different. Bright royal blue nail polish and a wrist guard with sequence's  all over it was interesting. Over all, I'm just not sure that I can go back. There was about 7 cats just roaming around the whole place. They were sweet and  friendly but Bolo would have a freaking cow if he went in there and saw them. I think Ill try another vet when it comes time for their Health Certificates. 

   Chicken Pot-Pie was finally made.  Of coarse I would do things different next time. (the whole thing didn't come out when I flipped it over.Not sure what I did wrong)

     I ran around base today and got everything prepared to ship the car. Its such a load off that I am finally  getting things taking care of. The only thing left to do is the plane tickets. I'm getting excited! Hopefully this weekend will be a good one. Mike needs a break so this came at such a good time.


  1. aww I hope Sheba fights through! Poor thing.

    PS that chicken pot pie looks delicious!

  2. Hey, Katie! When's the big move to Hawaii?

    1. February 25...I'm so excited!!! How has it been there?

    2. That's great! It's been pretty perfect, and not so rainy like it usually is this time of the year. I'm so excited for y'all!

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