Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Bye Ohio

   Well vacation is over... We just arrived back from our 13 hour drive. It felt like it took a lot longer this time then going. The pups were antsy the last few hours which made it difficult to be comfortable. The visit was so nice tho so it was worth it. We got to see a lot of family. Of course you can never see everybody, but we tried. We just needed more days...
  My sister came in town from Wisconsin on Friday to spend the weekend too. It was nice to have everyone together one last time.
  New Years we went over to a friends house. They had a few people over that we hadn't seen in a long time.  It was nice to catch up. I made fruit jello shots that I was meaning to make for awhile. Of course I got the recipe from my favorite website. They turned out good but not as pretty as I was hoping. They were time consuming so I was praying that they would set in time when we had to leave or my parents would have 50 jello shots in the fridge. They were a hit when I got there, and everybody wanted to know how I made them. But of course there would be a few things I would do different next time around.

   While on our trip home, Sheba had another spell. She is not looking good after this one. I am bracing my self but it still is breaking my heart. We are to the point where she doesn't know whats happening anymore. The doctor thinks its doggie Alzheimer's / Seizure. I just cant even think of the next step of her condition. Being blind and deaf is really not helping. I just hope she will stay strong. I have never been through this before with a dog so I know I'm going to be a mess when the time comes. Till then, lots of hugs, kisses and tons of pictures.

   We did get to do a few of the things that we will miss about Cleveland when we are gone. We ate at Great Lakes Brewing Company one of the days. Drank a lot of Christmas Ale while waiting to be seated for our 2 hour wait. The rest of Cleveland had the same idea to eat there too. We specifically came down there to eat there so we just sat and waited. Well worth it tho! It snowed while we were home too which was nice. It probably going to be the last time we see it for the next 3 years, but after a day or too I wanted it to melt already. I'm pretty sure I wont be missing it to much. Also we went to the Browns/Steelers game. Good game but the outcome wasn't.  Rain, wind then snow, so we had the last game of the season weather which is what football is all about.
    Hopefully this New Year will be a good one. We have many changes that are coming that I am a little nervous about. I just have to learn take one thing at a time and just relax.

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