Thursday, January 5, 2012


   Yesterday I made chicken enchiladas for dinner. I found the recipe off of a fellow bloggers blog. Joyful Mammas Kitchen that I saw on Pintrest. ( Boy do I love that site!) I altered it just a touch because I usually do with everything I make. But of course, the picture that made me want to try to make these looked way better then the way mine turned out. Mikes cutting weight for his weigh in on Friday so we had a lot left over.They were really good tho. I'm making a chicken salad for tonight so I know that will turn out good too.                                       
   We can tell that Sheba is doing a little better.  I think the food/pills is really starting to help.  She is starting to eat and drink on her own a little. I still have to a initiate the meal time but she now eats from the bowl. She also walks in circles over and over. I would think she would get dizzy but I guess that's not the case. After a while, I just pick her up and make her rest. She also gets lost when she gets to a corner and cant seem to get out.  Its like she only knows forward, not backup. We just keep all the doors closed so she wont be stuck for to long without us seeing her.          

 Mama Sheba snoring. She is such a sweetie!

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  1. Hi Katie-- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I tried to follow with my Tucker Troops...I made a mistake and ended up with the AOL. It seems I'm always still learning about this blogging thing. are adorable. Congratulations to you and your Marine and your recent marriage. Welcome to the Military life. You both look handsome on his graduation day. We are also Military....Army. We love out life. We must, we have been doing this for 21 years as a married couple and my Soldier has been in for almost 30 years. We are old, Katie. ;-) I look forward to following your blog. ~Beth