Thursday, April 5, 2012


     Yes people!... It has finally happened!!! My stress and worries are no longer! I found a place to live while waiting for housing! I cant believe it. Now I don't know what to do with myself. No more Craigslist checking 100 times a day hoping that someone will post something new that would meet our criteria. (what am I going to do with my time now?)  I move in just a couple days. I haven't seen inside the hotel yet (yes another hotel) only pictures but those seem nice. Steps away from the beach! What more could you ask for? I think its going to be a little farther for Mike to drive to work everyday but he will just suck it up. I have yet to talk to him so he has no clue whats going on.  If he doesn't like it TOO BAD! I know he will be fine with it though. As long as we have a roof over our head everything is good. He lives in the feild for days at a time so anything would be better then that. Now my next step is starting to pack. We had our stuff from North Carolina delivered to us here which I am now regretting. Its a lot of crap that we will probably never need here. Lots of Mikes papers and books from school, winter clothes, and cheap kitchen stuff we bought just to get us by.  I will just make a ton of trips with my little car back and forth till its done.  I'm excited about it! Another new location to check out. This spot is going to be A LOT more fun too! I don't mind were I am staying now. The people are so nice and my hotel is a good size but there is not much to do around me. Also being alone when I am walking Bolo is probably not the best idea here either. Sketchy people! 

   I refuse to sit in my hotel and watch TV all day long. I don't want to waist away this month just because my husband isn't with me. Today I took a little drive.  I tried to do things that Mike would not really be thrilled about doing. 

    First I stopped at the  National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Absolutely beautiful!
(Mike would probably like to see this one)

  Next, because it was only short drive from were I was... I went past Da Kine Bail Bonds. (Dog the Bounty Hunter) Yes, I am such a tourist! I couldn't take a picture thought because there were no parking spots and traffic was busy. Mike will just have to suck it up and come with me for that one.
       After that I swung by the Capitol Building. 

After that I drove all the way to the Byodo-in Temple. I was really excited about this because the pictures that I have seen looked really neat! Little did I know, the internet lied when they said that it would be free to get in. Wrong... $3.00. Too bad I had absolutely NO cash on me whats so ever. So I left and am saving that for another day too.  This is a beautiful monument in the area were the Temple was.

  Good day today!

 I cant believe that it is only April 5th though. Why is it taking so long?



  1. Yay so glad you were able to find temporary housing. The island is beautiful and the best way to see and enjoy it is simply get in your car like you did and just drive around. Thats what I did many days.

  2. I love your tourist stuff, we haven't done any of that yet! I def wanna see Dog's bail bonds place though :P

  3. So cool!! I love that you have the time to explore like that!!

  4. Just so you know - two of our favorite restaurants in that area: Willow Tree (Korean) and Gyu-Kaku. Ah-mazing!

    1. Thanks :) we will definitely be trying those!