Thursday, April 19, 2012


   I have a somewhat busy weekend coming up. A few of the wives from my hubby's company are getting together for pizza and a movie on Saturday. I'm just a little disappointing that not all of them can make it. It would have been a great chance to meet everyone. There is only 13 of us and as of now only 5 that RSVP-ed yes. And 3 of them I ready know. Hopefully a few more can make it because it would be nice to meet them. I'm thinking Ill make the stuffed strawberry's to bring. They are always a popular dish.
   On Sunday, one of Mikes buddy's from Engineer School and his girlfriend are flying in for a little vacation before he deploys. They have only been done with school for 2 months and someone is already going. Its just a reality check that it could happen at any time. Ill probably see them one of the nights out of the week. He is such a character so I know it will be fun.  I just wish Mike was here to visit with them too. He actually is going to miss them by only a day.
   I took Bolo for a long walk today. We came across a lot of things that are super close to our hotel that will be fun to do once Mike gets back. The walking situation is difficult with the pup though. A lot of people have scooters they ride around on out here. But for some reason Bolo has a fit every time one drives by. I don't know if it the loud noise they make or what but he pulls me and barks like he wants to kill. Extremely embarrassing! And one probably drives by every 2 minutes.
  There are so many things I need to get done tomorrow. Too bad they are all in different city's. So lots of driving! What I hate the most is that I have to loose my parking spot. How in the world do people carry grocery's or anything heavy when they have to park so far away? Our hotel has a tiny parking garage but its $19 a no thank you.(we have 2 cars too)  Once Mike gets home though we might have to buckle down and get one. Hes not aloud to walk around with his Cammie's on so walking a mile to the car probably wont happen.


  1. Hope you have fun at your movie night with the girls!

  2. Girls movie night sound relaxing, have fun chicka!!!!!