Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Randomness...

   I sure am missing my husband today. I don't really feel like I depend on him to much in till he's gone.  I did get to talk to him today though. Its been a few days so it was nice to see what hes been up to. I didn't expect to get emotional when he called,(never happens)  I was just so tired I guess and needed to vent to him. This month is just taking way to long!
   I did end up moving today... it was stressful! I don't want to relive it so that's all I have to say about that.  I'm excited where we are located though. There are just so many things around us that will definitely keep us busy. Don't get me wrong, Id much rather be getting our house sooner then later. There are also a lot of pups in the building. Bolo is having a field day trying to sniff all of them. I just wish he would chill out instead of being overly excited to the point were it is embarrassing.
  I have my last meeting with TLA tomorrow, (for our temporary housing). That will be nice to not have to travel every week to go to that anymore. I'm gonna stop by Family Housing to while I am there. They probably will tell me that we haven't moved from our spot on the list. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time.


  1. It's definitely hard when their gone I'm going on 8 months since my hubby left. And although I've seen him for short periods of time during those months (10 days the longest) it's a lot different from "living" with him. Hopefully the test of your month will go quickly!

    1. Being in a new town with no job and no friends I think is why I am missing him so much. We have gone longer then a month but this time is a little different. I hope your hubby gets to come home soon!!!