Sunday, April 15, 2012


   How in the world did Mike and I accumulate so much crap? I am really wishing we would have never had that second shipment delivered or I would only be moving 4 suitcases instead of all of this.  And this isn't everything! Dog crated, dog beds and a few other things are still needing to make their way to the pile. Right now I'm wishing I could throw it all away.

 Good Bye Aiea!


  1. Creeper alert here but we have the same TV :) And don't worry girl, you can do it. I had to move us to both of our houses on my own (well I had movers the second time, but that's almost worse because then you have to worry about them)'s rough, and you'll be exhausted, but you can totally do it.

  2. Thanks for your confidence in me! I'm sure your right and everything is going to be fine, I just get all worked up usually for nothing and it always ends up not being a big deal.

    Ps.. haha on the TV. Black Friday purchase

  3. Ugh! I hate moving! Good luck! :)

  4. You ARE in Hawaii!! Guess I just answered my own question! Saweet! You should come link up @my Monday Meet Up!

    Did yall just get here? We've been living here for almost 2 and a half years already...and are already facing the next move at the end of the year. Boo. I hate moving. And I sooo feel you... unpacking is always so daunting.
    Glad to have met you here!
    We'll have to keep in touch!

    1. We got here about 2 months ago. Loving it already!!! Moving does stink! Hopefully you guys are gonna go somewhere good. We love to go hiking! I found a website that has some of the trails but hearing it from someone that has actually done some is better.

  5. P.S. New follower here! ;)
    Let me know if you need good hiking spots...I know tons!!