Friday, April 27, 2012

Sheba's Nightmare

  Sheba had a vet appointment today because she needed more prescription food and also she needed more of the pills she is on. Sense I have moved from Ohio, she has seen 5 different doctors in 2 different states in 6 months. I'm starting to get my hopes up with finding the right vet clinic that I feel comfortable with. And this isn't even my child... its my dog. I don't feel like it should be this hard.
   When I called on Monday to order 2 bags of this special diet food for her Alzheimer's/seizures the guy that answered the phone was so nice and kind I though this was going to be a perfect fit. He told me that the food would be in on Friday after 11:00am. I also made a appointment for the same day thinking that I would pick up the food and also get her checked out in order to fill another prescription of pills for her.  I asked him specifically, if they carry the pills, Anypril because the last vet I went to did not and it was a huge PAIN IN THE BUTT having to order them over the internet and them showing up almost 2 months later!!! He assured me that they did and continued to make the appointment. Well today, Friday.... I get a phone call from him telling me that the food that I ordered will not be in till May 15th. If I would have known this I would have order it from another vet clinic where I used to live that would have had it, I just would have had to drive 30 min to get there which is no big deal. I said OK, and that I would be coming in anyways because she only had 3 pills left of her prescription. I get there and everything is fine for the time being. Once again (like a few other clinics I have been to recently) They have the most friendliest cats roaming around the lobby.  That would definitely be a NO GO for Bolo! (soo, that not what I really wanted to see)  Anyways... They take me back to the room where the guy from the front desk shoves a thermometer down her ear to take her temperature. I specifically said that she has problems with her ears and that they are probably a little painful. I have never seen this done before. Every clinic I have been to the temp is taking from the bum. She of coarse screamed and then he said, whoops I have to do it again. My heart was breaking as she once again screamed as it was being shoved down her ear canal . I kinda wanted to pick her up and leave at that very moment. The Dr. finally came in, and I felt that he did know what he was talking about. As he was doing his examination of her teeth, once again she did not like it. She also has a tumor growing on the side of her gums that I don't think feels the best. The vet I use to go to back home said to monitor it and make sure it wasn't growing any bigger, and its not. He brought the desk guy back to literally strangle her as she cry's. All four of her legs are in the splits and all I want to do is say ENOUGH already!!! So once the torture is over, I held her in my arms waiting for the bill. The Dr. came out of the room and told me that they don't have the 5mg of Anypril like I had asked. Only 10mg. And he goes on to tell me that the box is expired by a year but its OK and not to worry about it. haha... I cant help but to laugh as I write this. So leaving there spending $170.00, with  expired medication (that I have to cut in half because its to much), a suffering dog, and no food for her I ask myself if I should stand up for things that bother me like this. I never seem to say what I am feeling or have any kind of back bone.
   So next time I think I am going to start asking around where other people take their pets. I miss the clinic back home and would do anything to find that atmosphere and people out here.


  1. I know Schofield has a Vet Clinic on post and we always took our pups there. Have you checked to see if there is a vet on MCBH

    1. I think there is one! That will be out next spot to try. I'm sure they will be better than this last place!