Saturday, January 18, 2014

33 Weeks

Iv mentioned it a few times before, I have been so thankful that this pregnancy has been easy-pezy.
Because it has been so good, I feel like it has flown by. I think if I were sick or uncomfortable it would have been the slowest 9 months of my life.
I just wanted to jot down a couple things so I can remember this experience a little better seeing that I am on the tale end.
The good and the bad.
Bad First:
*Iv had only two things that I can not stand food wise.
-Chipotle Turkey sandwich meat. (I bought a pound of it for Mikes lunches and made him eat it all in one sitting because it smelled)
-Smoked Teryiaki Chicken from Whole Foods.
Mike just got this for dinner the other day and holey cow, I smelt it for 2 days straight even though it was long gone.
*Iv been having insomnia pretty bad latley. Every night starting about 2 weeks ago, I just cant seem to sleep a full night. 3am gets seen by me every. single. night.
*Getting comfortable.
My mother bought me a body pillow, which has helped a huge part with my discomfort in sleeping, but I think the real reason is we are sleeping on a queen size bed. So I have a body pillow, Mike, 20 extra pounds, and a 80lb dog! Trying to roll over is a joke.
*The obvious!  I cant fit in to anything.
I only have a couple of actual maternity clothes that people have given me. I have not bought one piece myself. I was hoping to get away with a lot of dresses that I already owned. It has now come down to what used to be dresses have now become long shirts worn with leggings.
*I never realized how caring extra weight effects everyday life.
*Drinks- enough said  :(

Now Good:
*Kicks, rolls and hiccups. Its so crazy that I just made a human! 
*Hearing that she is right on track and looking good each time I visit the Dr.s office. 
*I have NEVER in my life had such clear skin!
*My hair has never been so long (still thin tho). I definitely think it has to do with the vitamins.  
*Nails are looking good too!
*Knowing that I will soon be able to be a kid again myself. (flying kites, coloring, games)
*Saving money on the time of the month supplies.
*Mike and my relationship has gotten even stronger. 
*Knowing that I will soon have a new name... Mommy.

We have one name finally down. I would like going into it to have at least 3 options just in case she doesn't "look" like the one we thought of.     
 The nursery is looking good. Just a few final touches left.  
Stay tuned, 4D sonogram due-over pics coming up.


  1. Such an exciting time!! You're in the home stretch!

  2. You seriously look amazing!!!! :)