Monday, January 27, 2014

Pro Bowl 2014

Mike wasn't able to make it last year when we bought tickets, so it was a must that we bought tickets this year and tried again. 
 There are also rumors that this might be the last Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

It was an ugly day.
The game was different this year. They had a draft instead of the set American league and Nation league. So there were players from the same team on different teams....did that make sense?
Deion Sanders's team vs. Jerry Rice's team
Fall Out Boy was the half time show.
Team Rice ended up beating team Sanders 22 to 21.
They said that over 47,000 people showed up. Hopefully that will make them not cancel next years game here.
Even with the rain the WHOLE ENTIRE game, we still had a great time.


  1. The year I was there and went it rained the entire pre game and through the first part. I heard it rained some last year as well. Although that doesn't surprise me for HI you know. Still a fun event to be apart of.

  2. How fun!!! Sounds like a blast so jealous.

  3. Looks like so much fun! We also love a good football game.