Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4D Ultasound - Bashful Baby

I was going to wait to have this 4D sonogram even further along in my pregnancy but when I talked to a few people about it, they recommended it happen sooner then later. When baby's get too big in the belly, they become smushed and its harder to get a good picture. 
So I chose to have this done in the middle of my 31st week.

I have read so many articles talking about the cons of a unnecessary ultrasounds. And other articles saying they are completely fine.  I chose to have one, A) because I haven't seen her in forever! At my 17 week appointment was the last time and I'm getting ants in my pants. B) I have all her ultrasound pictures in her baby book, and would like to add one more of her not looking so "alien" like. C) Who wouldn't want to see their little one, one last time in their belly. This pregnancy only happens once. 

The place that I made the appointment is not a actual Dr's office. Some people might cringe at this but for me, all they are doing is putting a sick on my belly, moving it around and pressing the print button for the pictures. There are two places that offer this service to pregnant moms on this island. I have read all of the reviews for both and out of the two I chose to go with the one that was a little more expensive, but with good feedback.

The receptionist told me prior to the appointment to eat and drink a lot of water for her to be awake during my appointment, which she was awake for my whole drive over to the office... in till we arrived.
Her head was buried in my placenta and just would not come out during the whole session.
We were able to just get one picture.
She was just not having it. 
The place told me that they would schedule another appointment and try again.
I go again in 2 weeks to have another go at it.
Hopefully then she wont be so shy.
Stay tuned for the due-over.


  1. Aww how beautiful I could see that she has alot of hair

  2. Adorable! I had 4d ultrasounds done at 15 weeks and at 30 weeks with my daughter!

  3. Congrats on your baby and I hope you have better luck next time around!