Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bishop Museum

The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum is the place that holds the history and culture of the Hawaiian People. 

 Just a few things I thought were really interesting...

 They have the exhibit of Ni‘ihau Shell Lei's there right now.
Ni'ihau is known as "The Forbidden Isle".
Its the 7th largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Population : 130 people.
Its a privately owned island that you pretty much need a invitation to if you wanna step foot on it. 
(most of the people that live there are Native Hawaiian)
No telephones, cars, roads, pluming or stores. English is the second language.
On this small island (and only island) is where these tiny shells wash up during winter months. 
These lei's are worth Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of dollars because the shells are so rare. 
Hair Necklace's are usually made from a relative close to you or a enemy killed in battle.
This sword is made from Tiger shark teeth...
in the description it says that it was used in war and also to kill Tiger sharks.
That would suck to be killed by your own body part!
These robes were for royalty. 
Made with bird feathers.  
I heard a guy giving a tour say that the more yellow that were in them, the higher your rank.
Tattooing tools.
 War weapons
 and fishing hooks. 
 They had a crazy amount of shells on display.
This one is from Lanai.
 This Sperm Whale has been hanging in this museum for over 100 years. 
It is known as the first of its kind in any museum in the world. 
Pretty cool stuff in this place!

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