Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lived to See Another Day - Sacred Falls

I started the first day to this new year doing something that I have wanted to do ever since I move to this island.
It has been on the top of my list but was never really a "good" time to till today!!!
Sacred Falls 

This hike was one of the top tourist attraction in Oahu before the tragedy in 1999 (on Mothers Day). 
It is now closed indefinitely. 
8 people died and many many more were injured by a massive landslide.
The state was sued by the injured and the victims family's and settled in 2003 for 8.56 million.
This article talks about other injury's going as far back as 1970. 

Lots of signs letting you know that this hike is illegal. 

 If you look at the top right sign, you will see the cost of the fines if they catch you trespassing.
That would suck! 
Lots of rocks and boulders cover the ground.

Easy hike with lots of mud.
 After about 2 miles (estimating) you come to the Kaluanui Gulch.
 And then you finally see it.
 If anything were to happen, I could see how it would be extremely hard to get out of the way because of how narrow the area is.

 Lots of tour helicopters fly by being that its the only way to see the falls legally.
 Such a amazing place!
 I feel very lucky that nothing happened while we were visiting the falls. I can not even imagine the terror that the people felt on that tragic day. 

*Once again, this is a illegal hike! Don't do it if you don't want the consequences!


  1. I love all the places you visit, they are gorgeous!

  2. You are brave! We've just recently started hiking and I've fallen in love with it. I doubt I'll have the nerve to do that one, though.

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    I loved your blog in terms of interesting posts, appearance.
    I am very impressed. Yours!
    Have a nice day!

    ~ In the free time I invite you also to me! :)

  4. Hiking is one of my favorite activities and waterfalls are the greatest reward for hard work. I am glad you made it in and out safely.