Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Preparing Bolo

This is the setting as I write this post.

Bolo is my child. 
I talk to him constantly, kiss him like crazy, and cuddle with him nightly. (wow, I sound nuts)
Except for the 4 years that Sheba became our second fur baby, he has pretty much been an only child.
Hes been introduced to a couple children throughout his life...but never for an extended period of time.

I have worked with Bolo ever since I came into Mike's life knowing that it is in his best interest to annoy the crap of of him. I pull on his ears and tail, poke and pinch...all of that not too hard of course, but I want him to be OK with whatever happens to him, 
and he is! 

This next month is going to be the last month of his only child days. Of course more attention will be given to my daughter, but I'm hoping with me staying home we all can adjust quickly to the new arrival. A couple more walks (then hes used to) and relaxing beach days are going to be our schedule for the first few weeks...or maybe months, not really sure yet so I'm hoping that he will be content with that. 

Iv read a few ways to get your dog ready for the change, but in my life I really don't think much will be different. As I nurse or just hold my little girl, he still going to be laying next to me on the couch, still watching me cook dinner while she is in her swing, and still cuddling at bed time when she is napping.

I'm hoping this will all go as smoothly as I am picturing it in my mind. 

If anyone has any tips or tricks that worked for you to make the adjustment, Id love to hear.


  1. I'm sure he will adjust just fine and be a fantastic big brother. :)

  2. I worry about how my dogs would handle a baby when we decide to have one too. They have been around my little siblings when I lived back at home but neither of them like the ear or tail pulling. Hopefully they will adjust well!

  3. I see the email from dad open!<3

    And Bolo will be a wonderful brother. I will definitely take him on some runs when we get thereto visit! :)