Friday, May 11, 2012

The 2012 Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop

Today I am Linking up with Household 6 Diva and Riding the Roller Coaster  for Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

 I'm Katie, married to Mike. We are currently living in Oahu, Hawaii, and loving it. Coming from North Carolina and before that our home state of Ohio. We have been together for almost 5 years now and  just celebrated our one year anniversary of marriage. All-tho we don't have and kiddo's yet, we have two of the cutest puppy's ever.

 I have been a hairstylist for a little over 7 years and love it. Meeting new people everyday is just one of the perks. We just PCSed a few months ago so I have yet to get everything squared away to be able to start working, so the pups and I have been trying to keep busy in till then.

 I started to blog as a way to journal what adventures we go through in our new journey and it is now turned into pretty much about everything. My attempt at cooking/baking, travel, crafting, and life.  I hope you stay awhile or visit again soon as Mike and I continue our life with the USMC!

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!


  1. Your pups are cute! And happy anniversary!

  2. I love Hawaii!! and we're stationed at Bragg! We love it here too though :)

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. I LOVED being stationed on Oahu. Happy Military Spouse Day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy MilSpouse day! And you do have the cutest pups ever!

  5. Happy MiliSpouse day and Happy One Year Anniversary girl!!!

  6. Love your puppies!!

    Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day :)

  7. Hi Katie!

    I'm visiting from the MilSpouse Blog Hop! Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to you!

    I agree that your puppies are absolutely adorable! My husabdn is having a fit over your bulldog!

    It is nice to meet you!

  8. Oh my goodness... your doggies are the cutest!! Happy Mil-Spouse Appreciation Day!!

  9. We were at Virginia beach in the summer of 2011. I wonder if we walked past each other and now we meet in blog land... That's sorta creepy! Lol

  10. Stopping by from the blog hop. :)

    Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day!

  11. Stopping by from the blog hop! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! :) -Jen @ The Adventures of Our Army Life

  12. Happy (late) Milspouse Day!
    Enjoy your time in Hawaii!

  13. Hi! Stopping by from the blog hop. I am originally from OH as well. I bet HI is a huge improvement :)

    1. HI! Definitely A LOT better then Ohio! Not sure if I ever wanna go back now.

  14. Hi! I am a little late from the BlogHop but I wanted to say that you have a beautiful family! It was nice to meet you! Happy belated military spouse appreciation day!! Amanda