Monday, May 7, 2012

A little of our Weekend

   This weekend was spent running around mostly spending money that we didn't need to spend. I had a few things planned to do but we didn't do a single one of them which was OK because the the things we did do needed to be done...(did that make sense?)

 Back to the Waikiki Market Place to pick up a few things. You walk into this place and there is something new to see each and every time, and you cant help to buy because things are so cheap!

The guys that that make the statues are so talented! All from banging a metal rod on some wood and this is what they make. I could have stood there for hours and watched!

Dole Whip anyone? This was just a stand in the Market Place that we stopped at... not the Dole Plantation ice cream experience, but it was still good. Mike had the pineapple flavor and I tried the peach.
(not really sure why I have a crooked eyebrow?)

  The Adventures 3D...$30 later! No popcorn or! So expensive!
  Good movie..long, but good. He was happy!!!

   Mike had a little time to spare before a dentist appointment so we made a stop at the beach on base.

  Wednesday is the day Mike has been dreading for a while now. He is going to say goodbye to his wisdom teeth. People say its not that bad..then others say its going to be hell.. so..not really sure what to expect. We will probably be laying low because of that for the next few days.

    We are now # 2 for base housing waiting list. When I heard that I almost fell out of my chair. I never thought that the number was ever going to change from # 6. I'm still shocked over it. On that other hand I am told that I will probably be moving ALONE again. He will be leaving sooner then later for another training exercise. I am just thankful it is not a deployment yet.


  1. Great news on the base housing! Looks like u guys had a nice weekend! ;)

  2. Sounds. Like a great weekend, I sure do miss the island life.