Thursday, May 31, 2012


   So I sent out my application for my Cosmetology license about two weeks after we got here hoping it would have been here a month ago. They make it pretty difficult compared to the other states that I have my certification in. I had to mail them my transcripts from high school and my cosmetology schooling, a letter from my previous employer saying that I have had more then a years experiencing and a extensive form telling them everything about my life and my work experience. After all of that, I was expecting to be accepted and be sent my new license in the mail. Well...that my friends is not how it works out here. I had called when when I finally received a pan-flit in the mail telling me when my exam date is. I was a little confused because I wasn't expecting to have to take a exam. I must not have read it right on the website because when I talked to the lady, she explained that every single person trying to transfer their license has to take the test. AHHH!!! Now.... I am totally nervous, and don't even want to get my license out here anymore because I don't want to fail.
    I am the absolute worst person when it comes to tests! I could study so hard and know all the material but when the paper comes in front of me I don't remember any of it. Now your probably thinking, wow, this girl is nervous about a little "hair" test, it cant be that hard. Well... You have to know all the diseases and disorders of the hair, skin and nails ( tons and tons of them (all with long unpronounceable names) ). The bones and muscles of the face, hands and feet. All the sanitation and sterilization requirements, and I could go on and on about what could be on the test. When I was in school there were 20 girls in class with me. 7 did not pass. That's a lot!
    I do still have all of my books from school, but yes, you guessed it, they are still in storage. The salons on bases do not require the state your living ins license. So I could use my Ohio's and be able to work there. I called to see if they were hiring, but not at the moment. I'm still going to go in and hand them my resume and keep my fingers crossed.
   I took this test almost 9 years ago and feel like I have forgotten a lot of it. I just wish I was a little more confident in the test taking area. Also, if I had my books that would be a plus too. I am now searching for other things to do then hair. The date for the exam is in 4 months and that is just to far away to still not have a job.
Anyways...enough about that... 
     Today Mike's Battalion has a Change of Command. I was going to go this morning to it because he is marching in it but I decided against it. It would have been a hour there (with traffic) a hour back and then I would have to turn around and go back after he gets off work to go to the BBQ that that LT Colonel is hosting at his house. Mike also said most of the wives do not go to the parade but I would have still liked to see it if we didn't live so far away.. oh well. Tomorrow we have to go to a little get together for the General that is in town. Then this weekend there are 2 wet downs so lots of things going on. I now have to go shopping to find a dress that I can wear tomorrow. My life would be so much simpler if we just had our storage. I have so many things that I could wear but of course I have to go spend money instead. Shopping is just not fun anymore when everything is so expensive.


  1. So for now find a part or full time job. Then when you get your storage get the books out. Study. Make flashcards, etc. Pretend it is fun to read the books. You said a few posts ago that you finished a book and enjoyed it :) Take the test the next time it is available if you dont get the storage in the next month (which would give you plenty of time to study I would assume). I wouldnt give up on hair yet. You just have to wait a bit longer. Plus you would have many more job opportunities to make money off base than on I would think. But, do what you think will make you happy! Thats what matters anyways :)

  2. Plus, I dont want you to be rusty when I get down there!!!! :)

  3. Hope you can work things out with the test! Im sure if you find your books, it will all come back to you quickly. Good luck!