Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Letters

This is my first time linking up for Friday Letters so here it goes.

Dear Family Housing
  Please call us soon! I cant stand living in this hotel room any longer. I want to cook dinner again, I want to have my wardrobe back instead of rotating 5 dresses and I want to seep in my own bed. Please, any day now would be great.

Dear Hawaii Board of Cosmetology,
  It has been 3 months now sense I sent in my application for my license transfer. I'm tired of my husband telling me to get a job already. Would you please get off  "Hawaii time" and send me it already.

Dear Marine Corps.
   Thank you so much for sending us to this beautiful place.  I will be forever grateful to be having this opportunity with my husband. 

Dear Bolo
   Could you please try to refrain yourself from lunging and mean barking at all of the scooters that drive by. I know they drive by every 5 min and they bother you but every time you do that we get stared at and not in a good way. I will never let you go so you could eat them so just stop already! My arm socket would greatly appreciate it.  Also, could you try to stop yourself from looking so cute all the time... I'm tired of talking about it. (lip is stuck)

Dear Sheba
  Please try to stay healthy. I don't want to let you go yet. And try to not give me such a hard time when I am shoving pills down your throat. I just want you to get better.

Dear Family
   I miss you guys!

Dear Mike
   Thank you for everything. Your such a good hubby! Also, sorry I made your haircut so high and tight this week, I got a little carried away. Next week it will be better. :)


  1. I hope that you get a call from housing soon.
    Also I love that you cut your husbands hair, I usually do mine too, it saves an amazing amount of money!

  2. You are to cute, fingers crossed you get a call soon!!!

  3. Yay for the first Friday letters! I just did mine last week :) Your pups are cute, check out my site!

  4. aww hope you get a call girl ;) love your blog super cute!

  5. Ugh, I hope you get the call soon!! That sounds like no fun at all!

  6. :) Love it! Praying you get a call, your license and for your puppy :( I hate it when my dogs are ill. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend in 3 out of 5 of your dresses :) LOL (I hate living out of suitcases) but at least you can pop a bikini on as an outfit there! :)

  7. aw i love your letter to your husband. found you via the link up xo