Sunday, May 27, 2012

Send Somthing Good

  I cant even tell you how excited I was when I received my Send Something Good package!!! 
Christy  put such amazing things in the box and as I opened each one, I had such a huge smile on my face.
 Salt and Pepper Shakers. I love them so much and cant wait to add them to my collection!!!   So Cute!

Love all the wrappings!

 This was absolutely amazing! I love each envelope I opened. She wrote the most sweetest things in each one.(nice handwriting too) She put so much time and thought into each one and it definitely shows!
 I can not wait to use all of these things!

Bolo enjoyed a little of the fun too. The face only a mother could love.
In my goodie box:
~Patriotic Lei : Wearing tomorrow
~Memory Scrapbook : Half way filled
~Doggie Picture Key chain : Already in use
~Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers : Love!
~Food Magazine : Pages are marked
~Solar Hula Girl : Dancing away in the sunlight

This was so much fun! I want to thank Gentri Lee , Kaitlyn and Kristy! Once again, Thank you Christy, I'm so glad I found you for a new bloggy friend!


  1. Hahahaha! That pic of Bolo and your caption is priceless! :)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the project! It's pretty fun!

  2. Amazing!! We like to put lei's on our dog as well...don't know if she likes it, but it sure looks cute! Great post!

    - Roopa

  3. i can't believe those long notes she included - how sweet! what did you send out?

  4. haha love that picture of your pup. and your salt and pepper shakers are too cute!

  5. This is too cool! Love it!

  6. hi katie!

    i just wanted to thank you oh so very much for the package you sent me! it showed up at work one day and everyone was asking me about it, thinking that i ordered some goodies online, but i had to set them straight - and then they were just excited for me to open it up! i loved all the pink wrapping :), and the presents inside! my brother was visiting that day and we devoured the pineapple right away! the sarong is already packed ready for my vacation next week - can't wait to try it out!

    thanks again for everything and sorry for not contacting you sooner, but feel free to rest easy knowing that it got to me safe and sound and that i loved it!


  7. awwww puppy! haha and i adore those s & p shakers!

    so glad to have you participate in SSG! hope to see you around some more!