Tuesday, May 29, 2012


  Last night Mike and I went to the 14th annual Lantern Floating ceremony. This is known as a Japanese tradition for remembrance of loved ones who have passed away and to honor lives that were lost in war. The Toro Nagashi ceremony happens every Memorial Day here in Hawaii. About 40,000 people pack onto the shore of a park to watch over 3,000 handmade lanterns be released.
  For me, it I think it would have been a different experience if we would have been closer to where they were releasing the them. We couldn't really see to much of what was going on. There were too many people standing in front of my 5'3 self and also I forgot to bring my good camera to get a better zoom.
   I'm glad we went tho. We will probably never see anything like this ever again so it was nice to experience it.

    Today, our 96 was cut short to a 72 because Mike has duty. It was really nice to have him home a extra day but 2 extra days would have been even better. Look at me being greedy.


  1. I went last year and it really is a neat experience. Very touching!!!

  2. I really wanted to go! We completely forgot about it, though. Now I'll probably never get to see one since we're leaving at the end of the year.

    1. ohhh... that stinks! It was soooo crowded though and there was absolutely no place to park. (trying to make u feel better)

  3. I fought my way to the water to see it... there were SO many people though, it was insane. We parked and walked, they actually did offer free parking at the convention center and a shuttle.