Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting Old Sucks!

   Once again I am having to watch Sheba go through one of her spells. Its like it all of a sudden hits her and hits her hard. I started to do a little research on the symptoms that she is having. Tilt of the head...loss of balance...walking in appetite. I found that everything that she is feeling is pointing to Vestibular Disease. It has to do with the inner ear and come on very quickly. (she is always having problems with he ears) There are a few other symptoms that come with this disease that she doesn't have but has had in the past.
   Every time this has happened (about three different times now) I have always jumped in the car and driven straight to the Emergency Clinic to seek some answers. I'm now asking myself if she is on the right medication? Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, is what she was diagnosed with before and of coarse she has a few of those symptoms too being how old she is.
   I'm at the point were I am hand feeding her, carrying her everywhere and crying at times because I don't know what to do anymore. The websites that I found does say that it will get better, could be a few days to a few weeks, and I feel like she has gotten better in the past with it but I was never told for sure that this is what she had so I I'm not sure if its the same thing. I will probably be making another vet appointment in the upcoming days to see what they say (even though I was just at the Dr. less then a week ago with her). Gosh, I just hate that she has to keep going through health issues. Getting old sucks!!!!

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