Tuesday, March 29, 2016

22 weeks

can you tell its a Easter egg?
Don't mind my unkempt look. It was a long day and I needed to get take this photo for Easter. 
Mike painted my belly on every holiday when I was pregnant with Emma, so it needed to happen with this pregnancy also...even though we missed doing it on St. Patrick's Day. :(

Anyways. I have 2 more weeks till I hit the 6 month mark. 
I feel pretty big!
I think that might have a lot to do with my wardrobe at the moment. In Hawaii I wore dresses all the time so I never bought maternity clothes. This time around, because it is still pretty cold out I have been just squeezing into jeans...mostly not buttoning the top button. I really don't want to buy jeans now with summer almost here. Iv gone this long so I am hoping the days start getting warmer to I can finally be comfortable.

Baby boy is kicking like crazy. I love the feeling so I always hurry to put my hand there to feel. This is probably going to be our last baby, so I am talking it all in. 

We are 75% sure on a name. The middle name is 100%, but there is still a little back and forth on the first. Mike is a really good at persuading.

With a toddler running around this pregnancy is flying by! I have absolutely nothing for him yet. I feel so bad because with Emma, we were stocked on pretty much everything by now. Granted, the crib and odds and ends that we are reusing for baby #2 are taken care of, but other then that...notta. 

I have a doctors appointment next week. I know I will be getting another ultrasound and a couple more tests done so I am sure I will have a lot more things to update on.


  1. You look fantastic!!!! :)

  2. You look great. I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than you not pregnant :)

  3. Remember, I have a huge pile of stuff!!! :)