Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sandstone Falls and Pipestem Park

I am not sure if I had written about this before, but if so I am going to repeat myself. Living in West Virginia, with all of the beautiful mountains surrounding you, does not make getting around quickly. Traveling seems to take two times longer just because there are no roads that take you easily, and all of the roads are twisty. 
With that said, we took a day trip to see the longest waterfall in West Virginia.
1500ft  Sandstone Falls

It took us over two hours to get here, but it needed to be seen. 
All of the snow fall from the mountain run-off made these falls heavy that day. 
There is a board walk that takes you to great viewing spots along the way.  

The falls were beautiful and I am so glad we were able to spend a little time here. I just wish it wasn't such a pain in the butt to get out there.  

On our way out of the Sandstone area, there were plenty of waterfall runoffs to stop and see. 

After Standstone, the plan was to drive just a little bit longer to Pipestem State Park.  I didn't pack a lunch for us because I thought we would be able to stop at a food spot along the way. Little did I know, there was not a anything in sight. 
We finally made it to Pipestem and decided to eat at the restaurant there. 
Pipestem is a very popular park in the summer. Its almost like a resort type place. At well known golf course, pool, horse stables...
Wintertime it was a ghost town. 
We get to the restaurant, sit down with just two other people in the place and wait on our food for 45 minutes. 
After the long wait, we decided not to explore to much but let Emma play on the playground, then hit the road for home. 
We were exhausted from driving. 

Even though it took so long to get our food, we still had a pretty fantastic view to look at. 
I would love to come back here and actually see the park. It has so much to offer. Maybe spend the night or two. 

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