Friday, March 25, 2016

I have a Big Girl

too busy jumping to take a non-blurry photo

I wasn't quite sure if Emma was actually ready for a "big girl bed" yet because she is only 2 and a month. If you asked me when I "thought" a child should be transitioned into a toddler bed, I probably would have said 2 1/2 years oldish...maybe a little older?.? I am still learning on things like this so I question myself a lot. 

Mike and I had discussed getting her transitioned into a new bed before our little boy is born for two reasons. 1. We didn't want to buy another crib and 2. We wanted her comfortable and adjusted before the new arrival. 

We also decided on a twin bed over a toddler bed for the sake of not wasting money on another bed after she has outgrown the toddler bed. It just made sense to us...even though the toddler beds they make now a days are super cute. 

When we brought the bed home we had set it up in the "new baby's room" for a couple of days before we put it in her room for again...2 reasons.  1. I needed to get out and buy twin bed sheets and 2. I wanted her to play and lay on it before it was a more permanent object in her room.
(she really enjoys pretending to sleep so beds are always a hit with her...the fake snoring is the best) 

So, yesterday was Em's first night in the big girl bed. I thought for sure it was going to be terrible....and boy was I wrong. She surprised the hell out of me. 
We did our normal routine...and she went right to sleep and slept the whole night. 
I was shocked! 
I thought for sure she would have been up ever hour playing instead of sleeping .

"OK...well that went well", I thought. So nap time..that is going to be the difficult time, I bet. 
I was wrong about that too.

Tonight was her second night and once again it was perfect. 
I had read that kids sometimes need about a week to settle in and feel comfortable with the transition. I am not going to lie. I was dreading that with how tired I have been lately.
Thank goodness I have been so lucky with how she has reacted. I guess she was ready and age really doesn't mean a thing on some things. 
I also think that the bedding has a lot to do with how much they love their new bed. She knows she gets to sleep with Anna and Elsa and she looks forward to that.

Now...if only potty training can go as simple...

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