Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Discover the Dinosaurs

 There is not much that comes to the area where we live so when I hear that something fun is happening, even if it is a hour away...we have to go. 
 Discover the Dinosaurs were in town for only two days. I heard about it from the news on the first day so we only had the next day to get there and experience it. 
It was expensive for what it was, but like I said, there is not a whole lot of things that come here so it is what it is. 

Emma wasn't that excited in the beginning. All the replicas of the dinosaurs were really scary for her. 

She enjoyed being a Paleontologist for a little. 
More scariness.
 Some of them moved and made noise so she was clinging to dad.

After she got used to it, she was having a lot more fun. 
They had a bunch of bounce houses that she could not get enough of! 
It is so surprising that I got pictures of Emma with no other kids in the background. There were kids everywhere! 
We had overpriced snacks and played a lot! 
I wish she would have gotten up and rode the Dinos. 
Overall she had a blast. It was a expensive day but it was something she ended up enjoying. 
She now goes around roaring at us. 


  1. Despite the price, it looks like a fun experience. I've always wondered about the dino exhibits.

  2. We took our niece to this a few years ago! She loved it.