Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Time

For some reason I have been so lucky to make friends with people that take amazing photos wherever I move. I had just recently met this new friend (that has a son just a little older then Em) and she is definitely the right person to be friends with when being "new" in town. I swear, she knows EVERYONE. Granted she has lived here her whole life and is a very friendly outgoing person so that is why, but I feel like she has made this last month a little more stress free. 
I wasn't thrilled with Emma's doctor...I asked her and she recommended a new place....and I love her new doctor now. Just things like that, that make life easier knowing someone that knows the area well. 

Anyways, lets get back to the pictures.
I had Googled about a month ago, flower farms in my area. The search came up with all the states surrounding West Virginia that had them, but absolutely nothing in WV. I was bummed but I could just think of another spot to take photos of my little girl. 
Little did I know, my new friend was going to show me photos she gets taken of her family every spring in a daffodil field a month after I searched and came up empty. 
I should have just asked her! 
So, she took me to the spot (that was not even 10 minutes from my house). It was someones actual yard, but the yard was large and their house wasn't even close so they don't seem to mind.  

WV was suppose to get frost that night, so we pretty much had to take the photos that day...even if the sun wasn't right. 
I still think they turned out great. 
I am not a huge "poser". I always need to be directed on the stance and what looks good. That's why I tend to be behind the camera instead on in front. It is really nice to have photos of myself with my baby though. I don't have many of those.
Emma had such a good time picking all of the flower and pretending to smell them. 
Like I said, I am so lucky to have met this new friend. She definitely has a eye for the camera and all the awesome hidden spots in my town.

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