Friday, March 25, 2016

Warmer Weather Finally

It has finally been starting to get warmer here and let me just tell you, I AM LOVING IT! 
Even tho it wasn't a bad winter, any winter in my book is not wanted....Mike and I am going to have a problem fining a permanent home once he retires...he loves the snow. 
Anyways... Of course the babies and I have been spending time outside. I try to take them outside everyday, weather it be at home, to the park or a new place we have never been to expore. 

I have really been looking forward to this summer. Kayaking, fishing, boating, name it and we probably would have been doing it. 
There is just one thing holding me back a little.
The Zika Virus.
What the heck!
Being pregnant, do I want to take these chances? 
I could wear all the bug spray in the world...would it work? 
Mosquito's love me, and I tend to get quite a bit of bites because I am usually by places where they breed. 
I haven't asked my Dr. about it yet but there are already cases of it found in West Virginia. 
I am not willing to risk my baby's health, so inside it might be for me. 
If that's the case...its gonna be a long summer! 

Looking at this photo makes me sad. I still like to take him places because I think he still enjoys it. If he is awake when we are leaving the house, he usually tries to walk out the door with us, so I take that as a sign of wanting to be involved. When he does come, we take it really easy. 
This month I have noticed that he has started displaying signs of CCD. 
Doggie Alzheimer's.
I am just still not ready to say good bye....I probably will never be. 

Thank goodness we have a park semi close to us with quite a few things to do. 

Well, I am soaking up the spring weather before the mosquito's are born here. 
Stupid things are going to ruin my summer! 

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