Monday, March 7, 2016


My updates have been far and few between. Having a two year old, and a husband out of town a good amount of the time makes it a little tricky to sit down and write. After she goes to bed I just want to stretch out and not move, and when Mike is home, I want to spend time with him. 
Not to mention my internet still sucks!

I'm going to start with a update on Bolo. 

There is still a full on struggle with this little boy. I had been looking at him for the past month debating on if this was the "time" or not. It looks like he has no will to live anymore. I am still force feeding him food and water. He lays on the couch all day sleeping. 
This has been going on for about 4 months now. 
After we had taken him to the vet and reduced his pill dosage, I reduced it even more. 
When he was originally diagnosed with Cushings, he was on 40mg twice a day. 
After this last visit we cut him down to 30 mg twice a day.
He wasn't getting better.
I for some reason thought it was the pills that were making him so lethargic. 
I cut him down even more to 30mg once a day.
He still wont eat or drink on his own. 
My dog is 10 years old. All I can do is trial and error. 
I have now gone down to giving him one pill ever two days.
On the second day, I almost have a new dog living in my house. 
He eats (people food) and drinks on his own. We go for slow walks, he brings me a toy, and he even cuddles again. 
I called the Dr. this morning to talk about taking his dosage all the way down to 10mg because of how well this outcome of waiting two days per pill was. 
I hopefully will talk to him tomorrow and he will agree.
Taking him off the pills all together might sound like a good option also, but the one negative that we have experienced is him not being able to control his bladder when he has not been on them. He will be sleeping and peeing at the same time. 
I am hoping that this low dose will equal everything out.

Winter time has been a little boring not so fun lately. We were so spoiled living in summer for the past 4 years. I have been trying to keep busy...but I am not going to lie, where we live does not have a lot of options for kids. 

We go to "art museum" type place that has a little area for kids to play. Its nice and Emma loves it, but there are only so many times a week we can do this without it getting repetitive. 
I signed Em up for a gymnastic. We have only had one class so far and boy was it a work out for me!
The last 5 minutes weren't that fun though. She started coughing and all of a sudden...puke everywhere!
Hopefully next class will be better.
We signed her up for swimming lessons before Christmas. I thought this would have really been good to keep her love for water going. It was 30min once a week which was enough because she seemed to get cold in the water after a little while. 
I thought this was a class for the kids actually learning things like how to hold their breath...turning over and floating...things like that. But this class was more just a free swim. They sang 3 songs in the beginning of each class (itsy bitsy spider...ect) and that was it. Then everyone was on their own. 
Also, we only really attended 4-5 classes out of 10. After Christmas the pools boiler broke to heat the pool so they canceled a bunch of classes. We weren't aware of any of the make up classes so we lost out on those.  
Mikes work had a "family fun day" at a bowling ally. Emma loved it!
We will have to go again.
A lot of painting happens in our house. 
Stickers are a big deal right now. 
She went to her first movie.
Zootopia was so cute from what I saw. We probably missed the last 30 minutes. She was sick of sitting there and wanted to play.
I think it would have been a little easier if we didn't go to a movie that just came out that weekend. Em wanted to stand up and move around but the theater was packed.
Another activity that we are looking forward to is ice skating. 
A ice rink out here does a totcicle skate for toddlers once a week. 
We will definitely be checking that out.  

After all that, it still seems that we are twiddling our thumbs most of the day. I'm just ready for warm weather so we can get outside again. 

Emma has been practicing her veterinary skills. 
I have a friend that owns a climbing gym.  
We've been going there every once awhile to run around. 

On to the baby boy. 
I went for my fetal scan a couple weeks back. 
I got the results that everything looks good.
I have had a couple things happen with this pregnancy that have made me feel bad for this tiny baby inside of me. Not that they are major things at all, but things that never happened with Emma's pregnancy so they are just new. 
Having that food poising really scarred me. 
I have had a cold for the past 2 weeks.
A toddler jumping on my belly...
and a few others...

I went to my second OB appointment two days ago. 
Heartbeat is still strong. 

I didn't have a ultrasound at my last OB appointment but this was taken at my fetal scan. 

I started to feel him a couple weeks ago but I am just ready for Mike to be able to feel his kicks now.  Its like he stops moving once a hand goes on my belly. 
I have my next appointment at the end of the month.

Last Friday was the first time that I had ever taken Em to the doctors for being sick. She had a cold going on about 2 weeks that just didn't seem to be getting better. I had a appointment on Wednesday for her 2 year old check up (i was going to discuss her being sick also), but that doctors office decided to be a crappy business that has crappy receptionists so they lost us as clients. Anyways, we like our Dr. now and Em has been diagnosed with a double ear infection. She was complaining that her ear hurt the day before so it needed to be taken care of. When I was a child I had terrible ears. Ear infections seemed like a once a month thing for me so I am just hoping this wont be a common thing. 

So this is pretty much all that we have been up to lately. 
Hopefully more exciting things will come soon with the warm weather. 

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